Colours of Life

Title : Colours of Life

Project No : Project 3

Description: The project wills the students to explore facts about the festival of carnival being celebrated in two different countries.

Outcome: At the end of the project the students will be able to :

  • Have a detailed knowledge of the celebration of carnival in India & France
  • Be historically aware of the cultural background & customs of the country
  • Feel the spirit of togetherness & universal brotherhood.
Activity Activity Description Duration and Month For Classes / No. of Students / Countries Covered Subjects Covered Teachers Responsible Evaluation Methods
Activity 1 Information will be gathered about the carnival in India ( Goa ) & France – its significance & importance. Group quiz will be organized. Scrapbooks, masks, soft boards & collages will be made of the information gathered. 6 weeks In April & May Class- 4 & 5 - 100 students - India & France English, Social Studies, General Knowledge & Art & Craft. Shobha Chowdhary & Dipen Mukherjee 1) Student's input assessed by Principal 2) Teacher’s report 3) Result of the Quiz
Activity 2 Students will be made aware of the music & dance of India & France. They will be aware of the varied culture by making tableaus, garlands, flags & banners. Exhibition of both the cultures will be organized in the form of a live carnival. 3 months September, October & November. Class- 4 & 5 - 100 students - India & France Social Studies, English, Geography , Art & Craft. Shobha Chowdhary & Dipen Mukherjee Partner school’s feedback, print media feedback, local peoples feedback.