Essence of Delicacies

Title : Essence of Delicacies

Project No : Project 9

Description: A project on cuisines of India, U.K., Thailand & Italy.

Outcome: At the end of the project the students will be able to :

  • Have a detailed knowledge on cuisines of India, U.K., Thailand & Italy
  • Tell the nutrient values & the calories of the dishes in general
  • Have a globalised opinion about healthy food, its benefit & the knowledge of facts & figures of United Nations World Food Day Programme
Activity Activity Description Duration and Month For Classes / No. of Students / Countries Covered Subjects Covered Teachers Responsible Evaluation Methods
Activity 1 Research work will be done on various soups & salads of India & partner schools. Students will collect information of the nutrient value & recipes for preparation along with pictures of the dishes & make a collage. Online exchange of the cuisines with partner school. 2 months in April & May Classes 9,10,11 & 12 - 100 students - India, U.K., Thailand & Italy Home Science, General Knowledge, Biology, Sociology C. Emmanuel 1)Teacher’s report 2) Questionnaires 3)Partner school’s feedback
Activity 2 Research will be done on United Nations World food program. Awareness sessions will be held for eliminating hunger at a global level by organizing quiz, debates & exhibition. A food festival will be held displaying various dishes from India & the partner countries with the theme "Food For All." 3 months in Sep-Nov Classes 9,10,11 & 12 - 100 students - India, U.K., Thailand & Italy Home Science, Sociology, General Knowledge C.Emmanuel, L.Arathoon, S.Natal,R.Money 1) Audiences feedback 2)Media report 3)Feedback from visiting schools