Fabric of Life

Title : Fabric of Life

Project No : Project 1

Description: This is a project on different types of dresses worn in different countries on different occasions

Outcome: At the end of the project the students will be able to

  • Learn that topography of the place affects the costume and the living condition of the people.
  • Familiarize them with the costume and the related accessories of the partner school.
  • Inculcate values of team spirit & companionship to take pride in their labour which ultimately brings Satisfaction & honour which is our school motto ‘LABORE ET HONORE’ ( BY labour & honour)
Activity Activity Description Duration and Month For Classes / No. of Students / Countries Covered Subjects Covered Teachers Responsible Evaluation Methods
Activity 1 Scrapbook –Collection of pictures of native dresses of people from north-east India, Iran (Persia), Brazil & South Africa. Information will be gathered of the selected countries & put up in form of picture essays & a picture quiz will be conducted. A word collage will be created. April to July 12 weeks Class-1 - 150 students - India, Iran, Brazil & South Africa E.V.S. ,General Knowledge, Art & Craft B. Ram S. Joseph K. Ghosh P. Ghosh K. Mahadevan S .Puri E. Hansda I. Edward K. Subramanian 1) Students’ presentation feedback from parents 2) Teacher’s report 3) Result of the Quiz
Activity 2 Exhibition of dolls, costumes & puppets of the above mentioned countries. Costume show exhibiting native & contemporary clothes of the above mentioned countries. Students will be dressed in the respective costume & speak a few lines on the costumes they are wearing. August to October 12 weeks Nursery to Class 1 - 150 students - India, Iran, Brazil & South Africa E.V.S. , General Knowledge, Art & Craft & English C. Toppo A. Das S. Chappel C. Derosaire S.K. Mallick 1) Audience’s Feedback 2) Media Coverage 3) Judge’s Comment on the costume show