ISA Project Details

Title : Fabric of Life
Project No: Project 1
Description: This is a project on different types of dresses worn in different countries on different occasions.

Outcome: At the end of the project the students will be able to :

  1. Learn that topography of the place affects the costume and the living condition of the people.
  2. Familiarize them with the costume and the related accessories of the partner school.
  3. Inculcate values of team spirit & companionship to take pride in their labour which ultimately brings

Satisfaction & honour which is our school motto ‘LABORE ET HONORE’ ( BY labour & honour)

Activity Activity Description Duration and Month For Classes / No. of Students / Countries Covered Subjects Covered Teachers Responsible Evaluation Methods
Activity 1

Scrapbook –Collection of pictures of native dresses of people from north-east India, Iran (Persia), Brazil & South Africa. Information will be gathered of the selected countries & put up in form of  picture essays & a picture quiz will be conducted. A word collage will be created.

April to July 12 weeks Class-1 - 150 students - India, Iran, Brazil & South Africa E.V.S. ,General Knowledge, Art & Craft B. Ram S. Joseph K. Ghosh P. Ghosh K. Mahadevan S .Puri E. Hansda I. Edward K. Subramanian 1) Students’ presentation feedback from parents 2) Teacher’s report 3) Result of the Quiz
Activity 2

Exhibition of dolls, costumes & puppets of the above mentioned countries. Costume show exhibiting native & contemporary clothes of the above mentioned countries. Students will be dressed in the respective costume & speak a few lines on the costumes they are wearing.

August to October 12 weeks Nursery to Class 1 - 150 students - India, Iran, Brazil & South Africa E.V.S. , General Knowledge, Art & Craft & English C. Toppo A. Das S. Chappel C. Derosaire S.K. Mallick 1) Audience’s Feedback 2) Media Coverage 3) Judge’s Comment on the costume show