ISA Project Details

School's International Projects jointly with different countries.

Title Project No. Description Detail Report
Fabric of Life Project 1

This is a project on different types of dresses worn in different countries on different occasions.

Activity 1 & 2
Domestic Animals Project 2

This project will allow the students to explore facts about domestic animals( Camels ) found in India, Peru, Bolivia & Argentina.

Activity 1 & 2
Colours of Life Project 3

The project wills the students to explore facts about the festival of carnival being celebrated in two different countries.

Activity 1 & 2
Mortal men Immortal River Project 4

A project to explore facts about Ganga, Nile & Amazon and understand the similarities & differences in their features.

Activity 1 & 2
Humanity’s Crowning moments Project 5

This project will help the students to know the facts related to the seven wonders of the world.

Activity 1 & 2
Eco Tourism Project 6

A project on protecting & saving the environment & making it a tourist friendly spot.

Activity 1 & 2
The Three F’s of world economy... Project 7

A project on various farming practices in the geographically diverged countries like India, U.K. & Thailand

Activity 1 & 2
Live & let Live Project 8

A project on laws, rules and regulations pertaining to adolescents on driving & rapes.

Activity 1 & 2
Essence of Delicacies Project 9

A project on cuisines of India, U.K., Thailand & Italy.

Activity 1 & 2