Mortal Men Immortal River

Title :Mortal men Immortal River

Project No : Project 4

Description: A project to explore facts about Ganga, Nile & Amazon and understand the similarities & differences in their features.

Outcome: At the end of the project the students will be able to :

  • Know the major facts about the 10 most important rivers of the world specifically Ganga, Nile & Amazon.
  • Be geographically conceptualized & skilled in their attitude & responsibilities towards preservation & care of the environment.
  • Be acquainted with the uses of the river water & problems related to sustainable development.
Activity Activity Description Duration and Month For Classes / No. of Students / Countries Covered Subjects Covered Teachers Responsible Evaluation Methods
Activity 1 Research work on Ganga, Nile & Amazon. Students will gather information of the rivers origin, course, mouth, myth & legends pertaining to its origin, both individually & collectively. Pictures will be collected & charts made. Photograph will be clicked from the field trip to a local river & dam. Quiz will be conducted based on their learning about the rivers. 4 weeks In April Class-6 - 120 students - India, Egypt & Brazil Geography, History, English, EVS, Art & Craft T. Chatterjee, B. Mathew, M. RoyChoudhury 1) Students’ presentation feedback 2) Teacher’s report 3) Result of the Quiz
Activity 2 Models will be made of the rivers showing the three different stages in its course like rapids, waterfall, meanders, oxbow lakes & delta. The uses of river water will be highlighted teaching them the necessity of dams & industries related to sustainable development & also mentioning the disadvantages of the sustainable development like pollution & global warming. 3 months September, October & November Class 7 - 120 students - India, Brazil & Egypt Geography, EVS, Economics, Art & Craft & English G.Banerjee A.Gupta Students presentation feedback, peer Assessment, Exhibition feedback from parents & visiting schools, media report