A.G.Church School continues to provide students with a comprehensive and competitive academic, social and cultural education. With almost _______ students passed out from AGCSS since _____ we are understandably proud of the contribution our former students have made and continue to make in all aspects of the local and international community.

It is those former students who we are eager to reconnect, not only to ourselves, but also to each other. To that end the school has developed a website for old students. The website will allow you to record and search for contact information of your fellow alumni. We hope that this will encourage old friends to reconnect and reminisce.

Importantly, the details recorded with the AGCSS register will allow your old school to keep in contact with you! We have a wealth of talent and wisdom in our students which we know can be of great benefit to the current generation of AGCSS students.

We invite you to visit the AGCSS website and contribute by registering and recording your details. We also require help contacting some of our students with missing contact details. Spread the word and share this resource with other AGCSS students.

Labore et Honore
(Work and Honour.)