Applying to School

Step 1: Apply

Please prepare the following documents.  All application forms are in in fillable PDF forms. With Adobe Reader you will be able to fill out the form, then save a Copy.

  • Application for Enrollment Form
  • ECC (Early Childhood Center) applicants need to fill out the Readiness Checklist Form
  • Copies of previous school records (past 2 years plus current school year; scans are acceptable). All the none-English copies must be translated into English. *We require original school records to be submitted for High School applicants from G9 to G12.
  • G6 to G12 applicants need to fill out the Math Survey Form
  • For students applying for admission to grades 9 (Semester 2) to 12, please ask your school guidance consular fill out the Credit Request Form.
  • Applicant’s passport and current visa (It is the family’s responsibility to ensure the child has proper legal visa documents.)
  • Copy of parents’ passports and current visa
  • Applicant photo x 1 (can be sent digitally.)

Please complete and submit all the relevant forms and items to Student Services in person, by fax or email. After verifying everything is in order, we will contact you to arrange an entrance test/interview.

Step 2: Entrance Test/Interview

Schedule an Interview and/or Entrance Test:


  • Early Childhood Center for an interview (about half an hour)
  • Grade 1-12 entrance test and interview (about two to three hours)

How to Prepare for My Entrance Test

To enter SYIS, applicants for Grade 1 to 12 must take an admissions test which may include one or more of the following subjects: English, writing, and mathematics. The best way to prepare for the entrance test is to get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast and relax!   Arriving relaxed and ready will ensure your mind is prepared to give its best. Things to Remember:

  • Please arrive on time according to schedule.
  • Bring Original passports of the applicant and one parent
  • Bring Original previous school records (past 2 years plus current school year) must be shown on the day of testing.
  • Pay the non-refundable testing fee of 500 RMB. The testing fee may be paid via bank transfer or cash. Testing fees are valid for one academic year.
  • Do not bring any writing materials, including pencils and papers, those will be provided
  • Calculators cannot be used during the test, unless provided.
  • Dictionaries or digital translators are not permitted in the test

Step 3: Offer of Placement

Within 2-3 working days we will call or email you an Offer of Placement or advise as to why the applicant has not been accepted.

Step 4: Submit Other Enrollment Forms & Tuition Fees

After accepted, Applicants should obtain an Enrollment Folder either from the Student Services Office or from the AGCSS website. The following forms need to be completed and returned to Student Services Office:


  • Legal Release Form
  • Student Medical Form
  • Bus Form (optional)
  • Bad Weather “Snow Day” Policy Form
  • Medical Declaration Form
  • Medication & Allergy Form

Finance Office will email you a Payment plan.  Please pay the enrollment fee and tuition according to the schedule on the payment plan. Any missing documents or incomplete payments may result in a delayed start for your child. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring all these matters are handled in their entirety and in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT: A seat will not be held for a student until all the fees are paid.